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Check out what the characters of 
Skull Academy are driving...

Vampiro's car...

Vampiro drove into town in this blue convertible. I think he wants to do
some customizing on it.


Here is Vampiro with his car. If you want to see pictures
of Vampiro washing his car, go to the Vamp Moment blog.
Draculaura likes to post pictures on her site.


Here are pictures taken on a beautiful sunny afternoon, before they
headed out for a long drive in the country.

Deuce's car.

Deuce loves his car, he keeps it super clean.

Duece's biggest problem is which ghoul does he want
sitting beside him in his little sports car.

the Vamp sister's car 

Draculaura and Draculily's father Dracula sent the car to them as a gift.

The Vamp sisters are always fighting about who is going to drive.

Draculily doesn't like it when Draculaura drives 
because she drives too slow.

Draculaura doesn't like it when Draculily drives 
because she drives way too fast.

This time Draculaura won, she is driving.


Ok now Draculily wants to take a turn and drive back home.
Draculaura is holding on tight...she looks so nervous, she had to
remove her sunglasses.

They arrived safe.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, for Deuce's car I painted it and added a few beads, plus I made the seats, there were no seats in the car, I got it at a thrift store...

  2. gorgeose!

  3. i just got a car for Abbey and it has snowflakes on the side and is in perfect condition