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Here are pictures of what the guys & ghouls of Skull Academy bought each other for Kris Kringle.
Tell us what you think of the presents. What would you buy for the monsters for Christmas?

  To Jimmy from Ghoulia - a cd by No Direction

To Frankie from Jimmy - A boa he stole from Cleo's room and a hair band he stole from Frankie's room, he didn't know it was hers...that Jimmy...

To Cleo from Draculaura - A big ugly bird.

To Lagoona from Operetta - A handmade scarf made by Operetta.

To Spectra from Venus - A white scarf.

To Vampiro from Rochelle - Aftershave, doe's Vampiro shave ?

To Draculaura from Cleo - A book 'How to Lose an Annoying Accent'.

To Draculily from Jackson - Make-up set.

To Vampiro from Jackson - Dumbbells.

 To Ghoulia from Draculily - Earrings.

To Rochelle from Clawdeen - LaRose perfume.

 To Deuce from Spectra - A personalized necklace, cologne, 2 pairs of sunglasses, car.
Wow, he got spoiled.

 To Clawdeen from Lagoona - Nail Polish set.

To Venus from Frankie - A necklace.

To Operetta from Deuce - Xylophone.

Hey guys & ghouls, have you seen episode 57 Kris Kringle, the monsters can't tell who they picked, but we can. What do you think the ghouls should buy each other for Christmas.
  • Venus is buying for Spectra
  • Rochelle is buying for Vampiro
  • Spectra is buying for Deuce (that's why she was excited)
  • Operetta is buying for Lagoona
  • Lagoona is buying for Clawdeen 
  • Draculaura is buying for Cleo (should be interesting)
  • Draculily is buying for Ghoulia
  • Clawdeen is buying for Rochelle
  • Vampiro is buying for Jackson
  • Jimmy is buying for Frankie
  • Cleo is buying for Draculaura (ha ha ha should be funny)
  • Ghoulia is buying for Jimmy
  • Frankie is buying for Venus
  • Deuce is buying for Operetta
  • Jackson is buying for Draculily (that's why he wanted to trade)


  1. Cleo and draculaura that should be interesting. Poor Draculaura though. Cleo is such a pain. I wouldnt want to buy for cleo.

  2. wonder what there going to buy for each other? excited!

  3. HEEHEE I can't wait to see what happens!!!!!! :)

  4. Venus should buy Spectra a new computer.
    Rochelle should buy Vampiro a new shirt????
    Spectra should buy Deuce new glasses!!!!
    Operetta should buy Lagoona a new fish bowl for Neptuna.
    Lagoona should buy Clawdeen new shoes.
    Draculaura should buy Cleo something bad like a hair bow.
    Draculily should buy Ghoulia that scooter.
    Clawdeen should buy Rochelle a new dress.
    Vampiro should buy Jackson some new pants.
    Jimmy should buy Frankie some new earrings.
    Cleo should buy Draculaura some leggings.
    Ghoulia should buy Jimmy a math
    Frankie should buy Venus a plant.
    Deuce should buy Operetta a guitar.
    Jackson should buy Draculily a neckalace.


    1. LOL :)
      Wow, thank you, that gave me some ideas, I have already found about 12 gift ideas, and you gave me some good ones too...

    2. thanks im so glad you liked them hope you use some

  5. This will be VERY interesting! Lol (Cleo & Draculara)

  6. Lol Cleo and Draculara hahaha this would be reallllyyyyyyy interesting!!!!

  7. i need a profile pic| btw i really want to have that MH doll i don't have one and I'm reaally sad :'( plus i am not saying to give it to me give it to anyone me and my friend share a collection. >.<

  8. This episode had me laughing so hard I fell on the floor... Well that happens all the time since my laugh is weird but... Whatever!

  9. don't mean to be mean but u got the to Vampiro from Jimmy wrong
    its supposed to be to Jimmy from Vampiro.