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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monster High Fashion Looks from Skull Academy episode 30 season 1 reboot

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying our videos on the fashion you see the characters wearing on Skull Academy. I'm trying to make every video look different and try new things. Please tell me what you think in the comments section of our videos and please help out our channel by giving our videos a thumbs up. Thanks so much.

Draculaura looked really cute in this episode and she was 
ready for the wilderness.

Lets start with the top under her jean jacket, the top is from the Bratz dolls, but I added a little lace on the bottom of the shirt. I made the scarf with yarn. I think the jacket is also from the Bratz dolls. I bought the pants on Ebay.

I think the cap is also from the Bratz dolls, but I could be wrong, not sure if this cap would fit the big heads on the Bratz dolls.

Cleo also looks somewhat ready for the wilderness. She was expecting a weekend at a spa but changed when she found out she was going camping.

I think the hat is from the Bratz dolls. If you know where some of these clothes are from, please
tell us down below. I have a terrible memory.

I made the scarf. The top, pants and pink leather-like jacket is also from the Bratz dolls. I also added some extra fabric to the bottom of the shirt.

Draculily didn't go camping but she was outdoors. She had a romantic date with Jimmy in  the park. He set up a table, hung lights all around the old torn down stable and they ate pizza for dinner. Looks like they both had a great time.

Draculily is wearing a dress that I think is from one of the 
Cleo De Nile dolls, I could be wrong. The jacket is also from 
the Bratz dolls. 

Tell us down below which is your favourite outfit. Please like and share this post. Thank you so much for stopping by. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for a lot of great doll stuff coming soon. 
Bye for now :)