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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Skull Academy Fashion from episode 20 and 21

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed our new episode of Skull Academy. Below are some of the fashions from episodes 20 and 21. Tell us which one is your favourite. 


Venus is wearing a dress from the Monster High line, I can't remember which
doll was wearing this dress, if you know, please tell us in the comments section.


I love this dress, it's really cute and looks great on Venus.

Draculaura looked very elegant in her silver dress. She wore this on a date with
Vampiro. Doesn't she look lovely. The dress did need a silver chain and some more bling.
I'm going to be giving some of the doll jewellery a makeover. Paint the coloured jewellery in
silver nail polish or paint, will try both. I love silver jewellery and that's all I wear, but I will also make some gold pieces. I want to also make some doll jewellery with glue. I will be taking pics
and video so I can share here and on our YouTube channel.

I can't remember which doll was wearing this dress, I do remember I bought it from
a garage sale, and it had this icky layer on top... I removed it and now it looks fabulous.


I think this top was from the barbies, it was a bit big so I had to fold in the fabric
and glued on more velcro so it would fit better. This is Frankie's favourite top. I wonder who
she's trying to impress. :) 


Draculily looks really cute in this top. This was a Bratz doll top but way too short
for the Monster High dolls in my opinion. I glued on some ribbon under the bottom of 
shirt and a little belt on top. Not sure I like the belt part but now it's glued on. Not one of
Draculily's favourite tops to wear. Jeans are from the Bratz dolls.


Here's Venus again, she loves fashion. Here's another Bratz top with some
extra fabric glued on. So simple, no sewing experience needed. Doesn't it look


Wow, doesn't Cleo look fabulous in this episode. I love how this top turned out. The top is from Bratz dolls, and I bought the lace from Ebay. Just glued it on with hot glue and voila, a whole new look. 

Before shot of top.


Rochelle looked really cute in this episode, too bad she's so sad. She'll be alright.
The top is from the Bratz dolls, I glued on some jeans material. Looks 

Nefera looks great this week in her ruffled shirt. Another shirt from the Bratz dolls.
She's also wearing the skirt that Rochelle Goyle was wearing when I bought her.

Thanks so much for passing by. Watch episodes 21 and 22 again (click below) please give
our episodes a big thumbs up! Bye for now.
Ginger :)