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Friday, September 16, 2016

Monster High doll series Skull Academy s01 ep23

Hey everyone, we posted another episode of Skull Academy, trying to get through them quickly so we can continue the story where we left off in season 2. Season 2 will continue in October. Will keep you posted here and on our YouTube channels.

There will be about 35 episodes in season 1. Season 2 will also have around 35 episodes. If you want us to continue Skull Academy for a third season, we need your help to share our show... not enough people are checking out our channel, it's like we're invisible on YouTube, help us not be invisible and share our doll channel with all your friends, social media followers and family. Without you this show cannot go on.

Will there be a season 3? That's up to you! Like, comment and share our videos for more doll shows.

Working on a video and post about the fashions in episode 23 for the GingerLola channel.

Thank you for watching and all your support. Please keep those comments coming, it inspires us to make more videos!