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Friday, September 16, 2016


Didn't Draculaura look really cute today? She loves wearing that hat, makes
her feel cool :) 

I added some extra material on the bottom to make the top longer.

The hat was made with baby socks, just cut off the end part where the toes go,
fold over the top of the sock and voila, hats for dolls :) 

This is an old Bratz top, I glued on some lace material to
the bottom to make it longer. The tights are pyjamas I think from
The Monster High doll line, Cleo is wearing them as leggings.

Frankie's top is also from the Bratz dolls, I glued on some
black satin ribbon to make it a wee bit longer. The 'leggings' are also
Monster High doll pyjamas, I think it was a Frankie Stein doll that wore it.

This was my favourite look in this episode. I think the top was in one of
those bags full of doll clothes you buy from the thrift store. I love going through those
bags. I don't know where this tip is from but it fit perfectly on Rochelle.

The pants are from a Monster High doll I think, if you know, let me know :) 

Abbey's top is also another Bratz doll top, I glued on some
extra material to make it longer. Love how this top turned out.

I think these leggings were also in the same bag that Rochelle's top
was in. Don't know where they're from but they fit perfectly.

Oops, I thought I took more pictures of Venus, but I couldn't find
them anywhere. I'm sure another ghoul will wear this shirt
again. Will take more pics next time :)

Watch the video below to watch the ghouls dance in the school, they love fashion!

Tell us down below which outfit is your favourite.

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