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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monster High DOLL FASHION in Skull Academy s01 ep19

Hey everyone, have you watched the new episode yet? Episode 19 is ready to watch, you can watch it here by clicking on the video down below. In this episode, we had a lot of fashion changes.  Cleo De Nile and Venus McFlytrap are dressed casually for another day of school at Skull Academy.

Cleo's outfit is from another Monster High doll, can't remember which doll, I think its Clawdeen Wolf with the green hair? Tell me down below if you know. Cleo's tights are from the Bratz dolls. Venus is also wearing a Bratz doll top, I added a bit of trim at the bottom to cover her belly. Her jeans are also from the Bratz dolls.

Abbey is wearing a purple dress that I think is also from a Monster High doll, but I can't remember which one. Please tell me down below if you know. Rochelle Goyle is wearing a white top and blue pants I bought from Ebay. Sorry the picture doesn't show it, I know I took a picture of it, but can't find it anywhere.

The next day, Abbey is dressed casually for another day of classes and hanging out at school. The top is from the Bratz boys line, I just rolled up the sleeves. The tights are I think pyjamas from a Monster High doll, again, I can't remember which one, I have a terrible if you know, please tell me down below.

Wow, doesn't Rochelle look really pretty? The dress is from a Bratz doll, and I made quite a few changes to it, I added more tule under the dress, I glued on a couple of leather should straps, and the belt too. There is an earlier post somewhere on the before and after...if you want to see it, let me know and I'll dig it up, unless you want to go through every post :) I love how the dress turned out.

Cleo looks pretty good too. Which look do you like better? Tell me down below. I bought Cleo's top on Ebay. All the clothes I buy off Ebay are always under $5 and free shipping. I made Cleo's skirt, out of stretchy material. Very simple, just lied the doll down on the fabric and traced her body, then sewed up the back, turned it inside out and could be a dress or a skirt. So easy.

Venus McFlytrap, loves wearing comfortable clothing. The top is from a Bratz doll, I glued on extra material on the bottom and also glued on white ribbon as a belt. I bought the pants on Ebay for a few bucks.  

Well that's it for now. Watch Skull Academy episode 19 for all the fashions, I think I may have missed a few. Do you like reading these posts, should I continue? Or maybe I could post a video on the fashions from our shows? Please leave a comment down below and let me know. Please give this post a thumbs up and share it as well.