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Friday, December 4, 2015

New episode of Skull Academy ready to watch... December 4

Hey everyone, please watch, comment, rate and share the new episode of Skull Academy for December 4 which is part 4. Episode 10 will be in 25 parts, every day until Christmas we will upload a new episode of Skull Academy.

We will also be deciding if we should continue the show as we are now, or maybe just upload once a month, we're not ready to give up on the show, and believe in it, please keep sharing and watching to keep Skull Academy alive.

We will be introducing a new series in the new year... the new show is called School Bells (unless we come up with a better name). We are really excited about it and believe it will be just as good as Skull Academy, actually it will be better and who knows, maybe the new show will bring in new viewers for Skull Academy too so it never has to end.

The only thing that will make any of our shows work is YOU our awesome viewers and subscribers. So please help us by sending us feedback on our shows, and sharing as well. Without you all we wouldn't exist here on YouTube and we are very grateful!

Please enjoy this episode and tell us what you think Tammy will plan to get back all the ghouls who pranked her.