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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Urgh... Sooooooooooooo sorry.


So sorry everyone, was working on new episodes earlier today and my computer started
freezing... so I took into my computer repair guy... yah, I have a guy, that's how often I have
computer problems, and looks like he has to reload the Windows. Luckily I back things
up on separate external hardware, but everything I worked on today is gone... : ( 

So this weekends episode will be postponed till next weekend. Luckily, I still have files from other videos I'm working on, so hopefully I can still get those posted this week. My computer will 
hopefully be ready Monday. I will try to upload episodes 147 and 148 early. 

The New Skull Academy Show
We have 3 more episodes left in Skull Academy prequel... we're coming up with a whole new
Skull Academy show... we're calling it 'The Skull Academy Show' with new music, new characters, new sets and a lot more drama, still the same show, but better!

Season 1 will start a couple of weeks after episode 150 is uploaded on our channel. We will be going through the drama a lot faster and looks like there is an end for the students of Skull Academy, at least for these students, but if the show really takes off, than we will be back with a whole bunch of new students and maybe some old ones, who didn't graduate : ) so please help us make this show 
successful by sharing and telling all your friends about it.

If you want to be a part of season 1, email us your voice auditions. 

Here is a summary of our new seasons of The Skull Academy Show...

Season 1 The Dance. 
Yes, finally, the dance will be coming up soon... and there is so much drama leading up to the dance, you won't believe what happens.

Season 2  The Wedding. 
Whatttt? who's getting married, I can't tell you... you'll have to watch :)

Season 3  The Baby. 
Wow, a baby on the show, how cute is that.

Season 4 The Graduation. 
Finally here, all or most of the students will graduate, and move on with their lives. As always there will be lots of drama leading up to it.

Season 5 The Reunion. 
We catch up on our students and see what their doing. If the show does
well, than we're hoping for a spin-off show or maybe two. 

If The Skull Academy Show gets a lot of views, than, we will be back again with a new bunch of students and drama. Thank you all so much for your support.