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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The New Skull Academy Show... season 1 starting soon!

Check out the new logo for The New Skull Academy Show... same characters plus a whole bunch of new ones, new look, new music, new sets and a lot of drama.

We will be finishing our prequel episodes at 150 and than starting the new look and new and better Skull Academy with Season 1. Our first season is called 'the dance', yes, you've all been so patient waiting for the big school dance and we are happy to tell you it's actually going to happen.

Here's a sneak peak to our second season... 'the wedding', woohoo, who's going to get married?

We will be holding voice auditions for season 1. Please email us your voice auditions, we will pick the viewers who had the best quality recording. Once the scripts are written, we will email the lines to the viewers who had the best auditions and the first to send it to us will be in the show. We will be looking for 3-5 characters for viewers to voice. Boys welcome too!

Please support our channel and shows by sharing and watching all our videos.

Thank you

Love GingerLola