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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spaces now full for this episode.


The answer for question:
5. Which episode did Draculaura run over Venus is 100.

The first 10...YouTubers to answer correctly 
and also have the 'Q&A Show 5 answer' 
in the subject line ... plus also include their YouTube name in the email, 
watch out for the details ghouls :) is:

Lilah Flores
Shining summer 
Madison berning
Tracey Thomas
Superina Maxina
Zariah Paulin
David Embry


New episode ready soon with a new question
and 10 more spots for the giveaway!

We are creating a new show for our Q&A special and
other Skull Academy related videos...  called
Skull Town, that is the town Skull Academy and all the
other schools and businesses on our show is in.
We will try to have the set ready so we can start the
new look and name for Q&A 6. 

On the Skull Town show, we want to also do shout outs,
promote your doll shows as well, show off our fan art and videos...
everything we used to do on the Vamp Moment show.

So stay tuned, subscribe to our channel and 
blogs so you don't miss a single thing.

Thank you!