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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Skull Academy Renovation Update & Boutique

Here is an update on my progress.

The restaurant is complete gone :( I will be building a new one, but won't 
start until next week... 

I think I have found a wallpaper (giftwrap paper) that I really like.
The fashion boutique will be bigger than what you see  here, I am
building a set for the other side so it appears much bigger on camera.

Here is what Skull Academy looks like right now, I better start working faster...
I have to start writing a new episode on Monday.

I added more support to the schoolhouse with the tubes, 
just to be on the safe side.

Even the bottom floor got more support. There used to be a tube here
before but I ripped it out, but it started sloping a bit, so I thought I better put
something there for more support. Skull Academy is a lot stronger now.

I made five lunch tables, but looks like only four will fit, still have to put in
the vending machine, which I am also giving a makeover, since it will be now a 
gourmet vending machine with hot food and lunches. 
(Still have to finish paper mache the tables).


I made these art easels as well, want to paint them too, probably black.

So what do you think so far? 

No more updates now, next time you see the school, it will be finished.

Thank you for visiting.