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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Skull Academy has a new look!

Hey guys & ghouls, we will have a new episode of Skull Academy tomorrow night.
We still have a lot of building to do, a new fashion boutique, a new restaurant, and some new dorm rooms. Once all the new sets are built and ready for filming, we will make sure Skull Academy will be ready on Saturdays, maybe we'll go back to Fridays again. Please be patience for a little while longer. We always strive to make the show better for you our awesome viewers!

Here are some pics of the new look at Skull Academy, tell us what you think. We will have a full tour once all the dorm rooms are done.

We also have a couple new students starting soon, we will post pics of the new students tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued support, we love you all :)


I think this is my new favourite spot inside the school.
The art class...I made the easels with coffee stir sticks and skewers from the dollar
store, painted them black and added the skull. I also made the canvasses, I used a big canvas, 
cut it down, made a square with the coffee stir sticks, wooden ones, and glued the canvas to it.
The stools are made with a building blocks and stir sticks as well.

Do you want to see your art hanging in our school, 
email it to us.

This is supposed to be the principal's office, not finished yet, need
to add something to walls, and a new principal :)

The new classroom is much bigger, easier to move around.
Same furniture, I removed all the curtains, and added the stir sticks.
I wanted to balance the room so I painted the sticks red. I painted over
my giraffe print, with black paint, I want to add the checkered paper 
but ran out of it. I have been to every dollar and discount store in my
city to find this checkered paper, I used to see it everywhere, but when I 
started looking for it, I couldnt' find it anywhere, urgh! But I did find a roll
the other day, but still need more. So I am still on the hunt. I love how it looks
in the school.

The old classroom is now the lounge, it makes more sense since 
the front entrance is there too. I also wanted to add more seating
for the students.

The old lounge is now a lunch room, with a new vending machine.

Here is the video tour of the school.
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Thank you so much.