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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Skull Academy under construction... check out the first pics

Skull Academy is getting bigger, with new students and new dorm rooms. 
The school is undergoing a big change, a new bigger classroom, and an art class will be added.
Plus the teachers and the principal will also have their own office.
We're also adding a bigger lounge area with more seating, and now the ghouls
can eat at school in the new lunch room.

Here is Frankie, Ghoulia and Cleo's old dorm room.
I removed everything even the chandeliers.

Tore down Venecia's old dorm room to make the classroom bigger.
Also much easier to film classroom scenes.

I don't think we have ever used the bathroom in any scenes, so now
this is the new spot for the office. The bathroom will be moved somewhere else in 
the school.



Removing the wall wasn't that easy, I struggled a bit, the house is
very strong. I am going to add more cardboard and probably some support
beams to make it stronger. New decor too but keep old furniture.


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