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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Q&A Show 3 Entries for the big giveaway!

 The answer for question 
3. Which episode did Draculaura break up with Vampiro? 90. 

The first 10 YouTubers to answer correctly 
and also have the 'Q&A Show 3 answer' 
in the subject line ... plus also include their YouTube name in the email, 
watch out for the details ghouls :) is:

Kpopluvr A.T.

Sabreena Smart - Stephenson

Rachael Gallant



Zariah Paulin

Shining summer 

gusn estrada

Tory Navarro

Tracey Thomas

Congratulations :)

New episode of Q&A Show coming soon
with a new question!

10 episodes 10 spaces 
only 100 names in the draw
enter every episode and your name
can be in our draw up to 10 times


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Thank you so much :)