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Sunday, August 24, 2014

New episode of Skull Academy ready to watch !

Hey guys & ghouls, new episode is ready, we hope you enjoy it.
Please leave a comment, rate the episode (thumbs up we hope:) ).
And please don't forget to share our show and channel with your friends and family.
Help us grow :) 

Here is a closer look at the Dance tickets....

 We have exciting things happening at Skull Academy, there will
be new classrooms, some of the ghouls are transferring to a new
dorm room, plus we will have some new students starting soon too.

Stay tuned  :)


Subscribe to our new channel, be one of the first 1000 to subscribe
and we will enter your YouTube name in a draw to win a fabulous prize.

We will have videos up soon on the channel, we have some new
challenges starting with new prizes. And another doll drama will be starting
sometime soon with Dracula and the barbies... Skull Academy characters will
be stopping by. 

Thank you