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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New episode of the Q&A show now ready to watch!

Hey everyone, new episode ready. We have another ten spaces available for our big doll and car giveaway. Watch the video for more information. Thank you all for watching and supporting our channel!

We have exciting great news to tell you all. 
We are starting a new Barbie channel, there will be
new shows, videos, and giveaways! The characters
of the news shows will be the also characters on the
Skull Academy show.

Plus we will be doing tutorials on the new channel, 
instead of making things from scratch like we
normally do, we are going to transform Barbie furniture
and dollhouses too. 

We don't have a name yet, and have so many
ideas for a name that I don't like :(

Here is a few names we are thinking about, tell us what you 
think or send us your ideas for a new channel name.

Plastic Life Creations
Plastic Life Productions
Vinyl Life Productions or Creations
DollVida Productions
urgh, can't think of anything else??

Which one is your favourite?

Thank you :)