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Friday, June 27, 2014

Doll Haul

I wasn't planning on buying any dolls today, but I came home with three, I mean four of them. There's the Monster High doll pack, looks like both Vampiro and Jimmy will have brothers, but they won't be attending Skull Academy, they will be a bit older. They will be starring in a new doll show we're creating for our channel.

The Ken doll is also new, I got him out of the package before taking the picture. He will be making an appearance in tonight's episode of Skull Academy, which I should be working on right now.

Oh yah, and then there's Cloe, I never buy bratz dolls because I actually have a suitcase full of them, but for some reason she grabbed my eye... she was only $10 too. I think she'll make a great neighbour for the new doll show.

Ok, now I really should go and work on Skull Academy. New episode later tonight!