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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skull Academy will be uploaded on Fridays!

Hey guys & ghouls, we are so sorry but we can't get the episode uploaded tonight. I am having problems with my editing program and it's getting really late. It's half way finished...:(

I think for now on we will have them ready on Fridays.... instead of being late on Thursdays, we
can have them ready on time on Fridays, and we will have the episodes ready by 7pm at the

I know you were all looking forward to watching episode tonight, we are so sorry and hate disappointing you. I can tell you with confidence that we will not have any issues with getting them
uploaded every Friday.

We will also be making the episodes a little bit longer... we have so many cool story lines coming
up and we're anxious to share them with you.

Again, we are so sorry, we will have the episode ready tomorrow evening and from now on
Skull Academy will be uploaded every Friday.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, and continued awesomeness :)

Here is sneak peak picture of one of the new scenes in tomorrow's episode.

Can you guess what's happening in the picture?

We will be doing a special video for our 100 episode anniversary... wow 100 episodes, can you
believe it? We are so's because of you our awesome viewers :)

Please send us any questions you have for any of the characters on our 
show... we are thinking of using one of our bratz dolls to pretend to be you, our viewer, 
and your question will be asked on the show, this is just an idea we have right now, not sure
if we'll use it, but if we do, we just need to know your youtube name or the name you would
like us to use on the show, plus your age and country you live in.

Mmmm...maybe you can send us an audio file (.wav) asking your question, 
please tell us who you are, age and country you live in, you an also send us
a video clip, but keep it short, under 10 seconds!

Thank you

Love you ghouls :)