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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Skull Academy new episode now ready to watch....finally :)

Skull Academy Story 84 Rochelle's Dress
Hey guys and ghouls, thank you for being so patient, we took awhile getting the next episode out. We are trying to get organized and will have an episode every week...we will try to have them ready by Wednesday of each week. We appreciate all your awesome comments, thats what keeps us going and we are going to make Skull Academy our number one priority.

Ok here is our new episode, more episodes coming soon and the exciting part is we just bought a new lighting kit, so the lighting will look more will be arriving any day now, just in time too, I broke one of my desk lamps filming this episode. 

Thank you for watching, please comment, 
rate and share our little doll drama. 

Round one of our Fashion Star challenge is starting
soon... we are still accepting doll fashions for future rounds.