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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Thank you all so much for subscribing to our YouTube channel, we have over 10,000 right now, we can't believe it. We are so grateful and love you all! You are all so awesome and you inspire us.

We have a lot more videos coming out...please share our channel with your friends and family and help us get to 20,000 subscribers. Thank you.

New blog...
We also have another new blog, I know....I know, another blog...but we love making them so much, and did you know you can have up to 500 blogs, don't worry we won't be making anywhere near that... but I did want a new blog for my tutorials, so I call it 'Ginger's Doll Size Tutorials'. I am starting 2 new big projects soon and want to put all the tutorials on there. The Lola's Mini Homes blog will still be all about the dollhouses, but I will be moving all the tutorials to the new blog soon.

Right now I am working on the school desk tutorial, plus a few viewers want me to make a dentist office, so that will be next, then Draculaura is getting a whole new closet plus dressing room for her show Vamp Moment... so subscribe to the new blog and the other blogs, they all offer something different, it's free, so why not right, plus you will be entered in all our giveaway draws, the more blogs you subscribe to, the more times your name is in the draw, plus anyone who subscribes and becomes a friend to all the blogs, will get more chances of winning. How cool is that, I'll tell you... It's really cool. Our prizes will only get better and better!
Our prizes will get better and better...