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Monday, July 1, 2013

Vatch my new episode of the Vamp Moment Show dahlings :)

Hello dahlings...

I hacked into the school's blog to upload the post below. The other students at
the school can't see this post, so its just between  you and I...

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays. Here is a new episode of the Vamp Moment show with Draculaura, that's me. On today's show its all about giveaways. We are doing a draw and showing you what our new prizes are for the giveaway. The giveaway deadline is September 15....but for my giveaway, for the crochet handbag, it vill be a lot sooner... at the end of this month we will do my
special draw, we will pick five winners and the winners will get a new cool is that.

Here is the video and for closer pictures of the prizes see down below.
Please send us pictures of your doll crafts, ve vould love to share it here dahlings.
Don't forget to comment, rate and share my little show. 

Thank you dahlings :)

The Prizes...

For my special draw, only subscribers and friends of my blog will be included. My vay of saying thank you dahlings! So subscribe to my blog and become a friend for double the chance to win.