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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dahlings I had to hack in to Skull Academy's blog again...

Dahlings, I had to hack in to Skull Academy's blog, because
you haven't subscribed to my blog yet... do guys vant me to get into trouble?
Subscribe & become a friend today.
Hello dahlings, velcome to my blog...
I am so happy you are here.
Before you leave dahling please subscribe to my blog and become a friend. I vould veally appreciate it.

Pleave vatch my big fashion haul video, finally you vill see me in other clothing, You know vhen I appear on the show Skull Academy, in happens to be on the same day I vear the same outfit, now I vill have more outfits to change into, I am so excited. I bought a few things for Draculily too, I vill also do a video about it.

So I am soooo excited, gingerlola asked me to be the host of her new challenge show, Fashion Star challenge, I can't vait, I think they are vorking on a set for the show, it vill be veally simple... and I hear I'm getting a new dress....ahhh I hope its veady soon, ve already have contestants for the first round, ten beautiful dresses from our awesome viewers. Ve still vant you too keep sending us your dresses, ve vould like to do 10 rounds of 10 contesants, you may enter a dress more than once but not more than five times, it increases your chances... vonce ve have 10 vinners from 10 rounds, we vill have a Fashion Star super challenge and the vinner and runner-up vill get real prizes. Ve don't know vhat the prizes are going to be yet, but send us your ideas. I can't vait to see your outfits dahlings. Ve are vorking on a blog for the show as vell, and on the blog it vill be all about the challenge and you can also vote there as vill have all the rules, plus ve vill have tips for viewers to help them design their dress...I can't vait for that either.

Ok dahlings, check out my fashion haul, and tell me vhat I should vear on my date vith my dahling Vampiro, Frankie and Jimmy, I am looking forward to it, especially now that I can show off my new outfit. I vish I could vear both outfits at the same time...I like them both very much.

Uh oh dahlings, I have one more thing to mention, I vould love to add a new segment on the show on wiewer's mail, but you know vhat, no vone sends me mail :(  that's me vith my sad face...veally I do have a sad face...I don't like to show it on camera. So send me any questions you have and tell us vhat you think of our show... just make sure you vrite on the top of  your comment 'viewers mail' thank you dahlings.

Bye dahlings :)