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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on Part 2 and Anniversary Special coming soon!

Hey guys and ghouls, we hope you are all doing well, did you know that its the Skull Academy shows first anniversary this week, it was actually Monday, our first episode was posted June 24, 2012... below is the first episode of Skull Academy and also the most recent, what a difference, we definitely have improved on the quality and we hope to keep making each new episode better than the last. Our new episode 80 Dance Committee Meeting part 2 will be ready tomorrow night.. we'll give you a sneak peak into the next episode, there is going to be a fight... that's all I'm sayin :)

Please enjoy our first episode and the most recent one. Both Lola and I are so grateful to all you viewers who take time to watch, leave awesome comments, rate and share our videos, I are still so blown away by the feedback we are getting and we hope that you will continue watching our shows and sharing them with your family and friends. Thank you all so very very much.

Please don't forget to vote for our doll site for top 100 doll sites, and thank you so much to the viewers who leave awesome comments on the top 100 doll sites,  you are all so awesome !!!

We are working on a anniversary special ready this weekend...please tell us which episode was your
favourite....and who your favourite character is.