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Sunday, June 9, 2013

New episode of Vamp Moment with Draculaura on the gingerlola channel

Hello dahlings, I hacked into Skull Academy's blog to add my new episode of Vamp Moment with Draculaura, that's me. No one at the school can see this only non students. Is it sneaky? yes I know it is, but I vant people to vatch my show. So please vatch here or on the gingerlola2011 channel. I am doing a room tour of my dorm room, vell that was until I got interrupted. Please watch, comment, rate and share our show with your friends and family.

Dahlings, I am also so sad, no one is subscribing to my blog. Did you know that you can vin prizes in our giveaways when you subscribe. So please go there vight now and become a subscriber. Please dahlings don't forget to activate your subscription...if you don't it von't count. After you subscribe you vill
get an instant email from 'feedburner' all you have to do dahlings is click on link to verify the subscription. Then you vill be entered in all our draws and vill be notified of any new episodes or posts on my blog.

Thank you dahlings :)