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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hey guys & ghouls, the giveway is over tomorrow and you still have time to subscribe to all our blogs for another 25 more chances of winning...its free so why not right, each blog offers something different too.

Here are the blogs:

A blog about the school and the students. 

Spectra's reveals a lot of juicy gossip, you know she's a ghost right...
so she floats around and over hears a lot of conversations.
Creepy yes...but she does have all the good gossip.

On this blog we share all the tutorials for almost everything you
see on our show and videos... plus dollhouse tours... thrift store finds etc...

Draculaura has started her own blog and her own show on YouTube...
she wants to share news from the school, viewers questions, plus
all the crafts that we inspire you to make will be featured on this blog
and on her art, poetry anything you want to share.

Please don 't forget to check your email inbox 
or spam folder you will get an instant email and you much click on link to activate your subscription, if it is not activated 
it won't be entered.

There are quite a few subscribers that are not activated...that's why
I keep mentioning this, I don't want you to think you are entered 
when the subscription was completed. Thank you all so much for subscribing.

To thank you for subscribing to our channel and blogs we enter your name in our draws, and we
have one draw after the newest episode of Vamp Moment below for a
sneak peak to our next prize giveaway.

Thank you :)

What do you think of her new outfit...?