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Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey everyone, can you believe it, looks the the Vamp sisters have secrets... Draculily auditioned for Next Top Monster who was created and hosted by YouTube channel notacatNAC... and now Draculaura has her own web show, and I don't think she is telling any of the other ghouls...not even her sister Draculily.

Check out the show and tell us what you think. Please send us pictures of your doll collections, doll crafts, doll houses anything doll oriented, doesn't have to be just Monster High, we love all dolls.

Plus if you want us to share your doll movies or shows, send us a short 20 second clip with a little intro... we love making movies and we love people who make them too.

We will also start doing shout outs on this show....we appreciate so much the time you give us watching our videos, commenting and we want to thank everyone!!!

The show is still new and hopefully we will be getting a new set etc...lets see how it goes, if your response is positive then we will do more with the show...maybe have a pet contest....etc....

We have also started a blog so we can post everything you see on the show, plus you can share your stuff through this blog as well.

Thank you

Velcome dahlings to my new show. Please send me your pictures, video clips, I would love to share them with my dahling viewers. Please watch the video below.