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Monday, December 17, 2012

New episode ready, watch it on our channel or blog

Hey guys and ghouls, we have another episode for you, we hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for the time you give us watching our videos, we really appreciate it.

Please send us pictures of your dollhouses, doll collections, any doll crafts you make, we would love to post it here and share it with our readers.

And before you leave here please vote for our blog... top 100 doll sites...see sidebar...thank you so much for your votes and to the people who have already voted...please keep voting.

We are giving away 2 Monster High dolls
More information on who the dolls are coming this week...I will say that they will be on the show for awhile during the giveway, to enter you must be a subscriber to our YouTube channel and at least one of the blogs, if you subscribe to all 3 blogs that gives you 2 more chances.... One draw will be random, the second doll to win her you must be a subscriber to our channel and one of the blogs, and again if you subscribe to all 3, we add  your name 3 more times, and to win the doll you must leave the most comments on our blogs and channel and ofcourse share and rate our videos.

More details coming soon, we will upload a video about it, we will give the dolls away once we gain 1000 more subscribers to our start entering now and encourage your friends and family to enter as well...the faster we get the subscribers the faster we will give them away.

And to all the winners of the laptop, they are being built right now, you will see pictures of the progress under the giveaway tab...still need a few more things to add to them and then they will be mailed out.

Thank you to all our subscribers, we appreciate your support and kindness.