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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be apart of our blog

Hey guys & ghouls, we have made quite a few changes to our Skull Academy blog. We are getting alot of great comments and we are so grateful for all your support and the time you give watching our videos and sharing them with your family and friends.

We want our blog to be about you and your talents.

We want to share your pictures of your dollhouses, furniture, drawings of your favourite characters, art for our restaurant that will appear on Skull Academy, your doll collections, check out Lola's collection just below, or anything you'd like to share with our viewers.

We can't wait to see what you send.

By submitting your artwork to us, you are giving us permission to use it free of charge in our web series, videos and blog posts.

New episode this week....

Will Draculaura start working at the restaurant, how well will she do, she doesn't have any experience but she is a hard worker, or is she?

Will Draculaura and Vampiro ever get together, he is still dating Venus, does Draculaura still have feelings for him...will she tell him???

Stay tuned :)