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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vamp sister's new car !

Hey guys and ghouls, we hope you enjoyed episode 52 Crash.
I have just posted the video on how to bling up your old barbie cars.
Check it out on our YouTube channel.

We will have more detailed posting on our Lola's Mini Homes blog.
Plus please don't forget to vote for us for 'top 100 doll sites' we are now no. 5...
Please help us get to top 3, we're not greedy, 3 is good :)

I will also post a video on how I made the background park setting.

Lola's Bistro is almost ready too, just working on chairs right now.
You're not going to believe who is going to try to get a job at the restaurant.

Stay Tuned...

Thank you so much for watching our little show. We love hearing from you.
Someone asked about having a question and answer video. So if you have any
questions, send them to us and we will answer any question in a video. Your YouTube name
will be featured as well.

Thank you!!!