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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Laptop Winners !

Congratulations to our Laptop winners! 

Still waiting for more info from one winner, and the other winner hasn't claimed her prize yet... she has til Monday to claim it or we will draw another name.

LivandMonsterHigh - from England, yikes that's going to cost us :)
Love England, Love Coronation Street, Love the people, Love the accent,
Love everything about it and hope to visit there soon.

Thenewmhrules1234 - from Florida...nice wish I was there now :)
We have been in Florida and we Loved it!

theneatthingsinlife - from Tennessee...wish I was there too :)
Another place we would love to visit!

Thank you so much for subscribing and joining out blogs. You will be entered in all future draws.
We are doing another one and are working out the details, I do know it will be doll fashions we are giving away and there will be more winners.

Please don't forget to visit our blog Lola's mini homes and vote for us 'top 100 doll sites' you can vote everytime you visit...we're at no. 4 now woo hoo... we don't win anything but it's nice to be in the top 10.

Thank you :)