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Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode 53 now ready!

Hey guys & ghouls, ep. 53 is now ready on our YouTube page.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, rating and commenting on our little show.
You keep that up and we will keep making these episodes for you. We really appreciate
your kindness, support and the time you give us. 


We have a new giveaway for Monster High fashions that we create with yarn. We are giving away 
10 crochet vests and handbags....and all you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel and also subscribe to any one of our three blogs, if you subscribe to all three blogs than that gives you more chances to win. You can also get more chances just by commenting, rating and sharing our little show. 
I am putting more information together plus make some of the clothing so you can see what you'll be winning and we are thinking of a grand prize but not sure what to giveaway. Let us know if you have 
any ideas. 
Oh more thing, please go to our blog and vote for us for top 100 doll sites. I know that some of you have already and thank you so much for your comments and for rating us a 10...gosh darnit we just love you guys & ghouls :) it's because of you that we're at no.4 at the time of this post. I think you can vote more than once.

Uh oh, there is one more thing... we are still looking for more art for our restaurant 'Lola's Bistro's' wall and we want to show off your talent. Please send us scans of your paintings, nothing monster high-ish.

Thank you so much and please enjoy our latest episode.